Part 1: What’s in Your Fridge?

We Haven’t Met, But We Already Know You!
January 4, 2017

Part 1: What’s in Your Fridge?

This is a multi-series blog where we will feature one of our team members at SCS to show you what’s in their fridge and what they ate in any given day.  This week we feature Angela who is the owner of the studio and Master Instructor with the Spinning program.

“The photo above is from my grocery shopping trip back on Wednesday afternoon.  My fridge was such a mess that I just unpacked my grocery bags on the counter to show you what I typically buy week to week.  I buy 90% of my groceries at Healthy Living Market and the other 10% at Hannaford.   In my fridge you will also find condiments like ketchup, mustard, hot sauce (my fav!), and of course…dill pickles.  I also have a ton of protein in my freezer and I take it out when I need it (fish, lean ground beef, chicken, ground turkey, etc.).

Here is my day in eating and being active (Thursday, 1/5/16).  I pretty much eat the same things, but switch it up depending on the season and availability of produce.”

6:15am Wake Up

Coffee with a splash of french vanilla coconut creamer.  It has 5 grams of sugar per tablespoon, but it’s soooo worth it!

1/2 banana which I barely choked down because I hate eating that early in the morning.


Taught a 45 minute Spinning class. 24oz of water.


Another 24oz of water.


Regretting that I didn’t bring a snack because I am now STARVING!. Taught a 60 minute Spinning + Total Body Class.


STARVING x100!!!  Cherry-Vanilla protein shake and another cup of coffee with coconut creamer.  The shake is vanilla protein powder, reduced sugar vanilla almond milk, and frozen cherries (no sugar added).


1/4 pint of fresh raspberries and a 1/2 an orange and another 16 oz of water.


Reheated dinner from last night which was chicken, peppers, and onions for fajitas.  I didn’t make a fajita, just had the chicken, veggies, tortilla chips, and some gaucamole on the side from Healthy Living Market. 16oz of water.


I had a meeting at Uncommon Grounds and I didn’t want anymore caffeine, so I opted for a “Spirit of Life” juice from the Saratoga Juice Bar (spinach, celery, apple, cucumber, ginger, lemon).


I have to leave for yoga in an hour, so I needed a little energy before I hit the road.  I took my vitamins first (CO Q10, multi, fish oil, Vitamin D with Calcium) and then had a baby kale salad dressed with olive oil, balsamic, and salt and pepper along with a spoonful of red pepper hummus and some pita chips. 16oz water.


75 minute Hot Power Flow Yoga class.  This was the hottest and toughest class I have ever taken!!!!!  I burned about 500 calories and sweat about 4 gallons.  Ew.  48oz water.


I just got home (yoga was in Schenectady)


Dinner!  Hooray!  We ordered from Duo which is an amazing Asian restaurant.  1/2c (or so, I don’t know) of white rice (my husband also ordered fried rice), General Tsao’s chicken (so sticky, spicy, and yummy), 1.5c of steamed veggies (no sauce, nothing, just veggies), 1 small veggie spring roll, 4c soy sauce (KIDDING!! Or am I?). 32 oz water.


Fell asleep watching Top Chef.

I probably could have gotten more greens into my day, but tomorrow is another chance!  Being a busy fitness instructor and business owner means I am always on the run.  I stay hydrated, positive, and try my best to fuel my body with what it needs.