Angela Amedio

Owner & Master Instructor

About ten years ago I found myself signed up for my first cycling class.  I snuck into the back corner and was scared to death!  The room was dark, the music was loud and the other riders were intense.  Luckily, I was greeted by a very pleasant and helpful instructor that helped me set up my bike and get me on my way.  I have been addicted ever since and have lost over 30 pounds along the way.

I will get you to push yourself to achieve your goals and have fun doing it.  I have taught thousands of classes over the years and through that experience, I can coach you through the best class possible.

  • Spinning® Master Instructor, Mad Dogg Athletics
  • SpinPower® Instructor, Mad Dogg Athletics
  • American Council on Exercise, Group Fitness Instructor
  • Aerobics & Fitness Association of America, Primary Group Exercise
  • AFAA Group Resistance Training
  • FitTour Indoor Cycling and Group Fitness
  • Indoor Cycling Group Certification
  • Les Mills Body Pump
  • Tabata Bootcamp Instructor
  • TRX Instructor
  • Booty Barre Instructor
  • Licensed Real Estate Sales Person, Julie & Co. Realty.

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Tory first found yoga in 1998 through Bryan Kest Power Yoga in Los Angeles, where she is originally from. Yoga became an integrated part of her life and in 2011, she completed her 200 hour teacher certification with Frog Lotus International with Vidya Jacqueline Heisel and Jennilee Toner.
As an instructor, Tory aims not just to teach, but to lead people through a yoga practice. She gives people the tools of breath and an intelligent flow that they need to do the hard work themselves, and to assist them, in their personal journey through their practice. She believes that her job is to create a space and a flow that makes working hard feel good. She is able to safely guide people into advanced positions as well as offer modifications to make every pose accessible and safe.
Yoga has changed Tory’s life. She feels that the most incredible thing is that there is no end. There is always more to learn. It is a practice. A practice for everything that happens off of the mat. And it is not a perfect. Instead, it is all encompassing, every evolving, dynamic, sliding, plateauing, floating, sprinting, dancing, warrior crying, silently glowing, stoically holding, awkwardly sipping, deeply breathing union. Tory is grateful for yoga and for the gratitude it helps her cultivate. And she is grateful for every opportunity to share even a small piece of this gift.

Amanda Kladis


Exactly one year ago I found myself making, what turned out to be the most amazing and impulsive decision of my life…  I was an athlete my entire life. Ever since I was a kid, there was always a field hockey stick, ice hockey stick, tennis racket and/or a softball bat in my hand. I loved to swim and be outdoors. To say I was raised as a “tomboy” would be a great understatement.  Sports were my life! Oh, and cats too! 

As I grew older, my chronic flat foot issues really seemed to take hold of my life and hindered all of my physical activity. This was not only a physical blow, but an emotional one as well. For years I struggled to find my way back to the activity I was use to, but my foot pain stood as a serious obstacle. 

Two of my close friends happen to be indoor cycling and Spin® instructors and kept telling me how I should give Spinning® a try! Finally, one day, June 13, 2016, I made the decision to finally sign up for that Spin® Class that I was so afraid of. I walked over to Saratoga Cycling Studio, LLC., took my first class and my life was forever changed! 

Spinning® has changed my life in so many ways. For it helped me find my old self again. After about 6 months of attending classes 4-5 times a week, I knew I wanted more. I wanted to do for other people, what the instructors at SCS did for me. I wanted to help motivate, inspire and simply support anyone that was looking to live a healthier lifestyle and feel amazing about themselves.

Whatever reason you have for your fitness journey, I am beyond excited to be a part of it! Can’t wait to see you at the studio! Cheers!

Jerry Amedio


I have always tried to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, enjoying activities such as playing baseball, running, weight training, outdoor bike riding, and boxing. About 6 years ago, my wife and co-owner Angela, told me about this class called spinning. Like some people I was petrified of the unknown, but as soon as the class began I felt comfortable and from that moment I knew that I was hooked for life. Angela became a certified Spinning instructor soon after that, teaching 4 to 7 times a week, and I have hardly missed a one.   The logical next step was for me to also become a certified instructor.

When I am not on the bike, I either in my law office or on my motorcycle.

  • Level III Spinning Instructor, Mad Dogg Athletics

John Milburn


It took me weeks to work up enough courage to participate in my first indoor cycling class. I watched, week after week, this group of classmates leave the studio together. They seemed to belong to this exclusive club, and I was intrigued. By their faces I could tell they had a great work out; however, I was extremely intimidated by the work out. Can I keep up? Can I do this? I finally asked an acquaintance, Laurie, at my local gym what all the hype was about. She told me it was her favorite class, and that I should try it. I entered my first class with no expectations, but I was hopeful. I was nervous, scared, and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. The instructor helped me with bike set up, and Laurie had a towel ready. Then the class started. The instructor led the class through every move of the ride. It was challenging at first, but the music and the rhythm of the class pushed me through. I was having the time of my life in a workout! I was instantly hooked.

After years of indoor cycling, it suddenly dawned on me that I was curious about instructing my own class.  It was always a thought, but I never put it into motion. A few years later, it dawned upon me that there is no time like tomorrow. I was going to be 40, and I felt I had to accomplish a goal in the last decade of my thirties. I am a pharmacist and sit in a corporate job, so I knew that I wanted fitness to be a part of my lifestyle.  I googled Spin and found that an instructor class was being offered in Saratoga Springs. I immediately signed up and 2 weeks later found myself inside the Saratoga Cycling Studio (SCS). I met Angela Amedio and learned so much that day. I was really impressed with Angela’s knowledge on the Spin method, the studio, and Angela’s presence in it. I left the class elated, but I still did not have intentions to teach anytime soon. A week later, I received a message from Angela asking if we could meet. After that, my whole life changed; it’s funny how life works sometimes.

After meeting Angela, I took many classes at the SCS. I was impressed with the level of friendliness and encouragement by Angela and all the staff. It was then that I started to train with Angela. I still was not sure of teaching, but she saw something in me. I worked with her and gained confidence, and the desire to teach grew. After our last training session I left thinking, I am having the time of my life. It felt just like my first class many years ago, and that’s when I knew this was right for me.

I joined SCS for one reason: the Spinning program, the studio, the people, and the environment were right for me. I am glad that I hesitated and waited to become an instructor. I feel that fate has led me here, and I am exactly where I need to be.


  • Spinning Instructor, Madd Dogg Athletics

Nicole Rifenbary

Instructor + Personal Trainer

Physical activity, whether it be as a participant, educator, coach or trainer, has always been a main force in my life. Since I became a fitness professional, the journey has come full circle to where I can expose and excite others to experience the joy of physical health and wellbeing. I have worked with clients between the ages 4-75, single and small group sessions, at home visits, pre- and post-surgery/ injury rehabilitation, weight loss and management clientele and sport-specific training.  My specialties include core strength and stabilization, flexibility training, and functional training. Sports included All-American Lacrosse player, Downhill/ Ariel Skier, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Swimming, Gymnastics.

My positive energy and focus on your success is my number one priority. As your fitness professional, I will take your goals, needs, and desires and make a comprehensive plan that will address you as an individual. Together we will build a happier and healthier you.

  • BS Degree in Physical Education from the University of Vermont
  • MS Degree in Community Health Education from the University of New Mexico
  • Certified Fitness Professional from the American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • ACE Functional Training Specialty Certification:
  • Foundations for Function: Movement Design
  • Core Training Specialist
  • TRX Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Heart Zone Certified Instructor
  • Assistant for Saratoga Varsity Girls 2013-2015

Francesca Muratore


When I walked through the doors of SCS four years ago, I never imagined that it would be the start of an amazing journey together. SCS had just opened its doors and I was being set up on the bike for the first time.

My initial intention to start Spinning was to shed some excess pounds before my upcoming wedding, but the Spinning program and SCS became so much more. I began forming friendships with other members, got to know the instructors, and yes, had even claimed a bike in the studio as MINE!

In addition, something else happened that I really didn’t notice. Spinning became less about watching a number on the scale decrease, and more about how I dealt with everyday situations.

The bike became my mechanism for dealing with a stressful day, celebrating happy occasions, giving me the energy to get through my pregnancy with my first child, and, was even there as my support, mourning the passing of my second child. I learned more and more about myself and felt myself becoming mentally and physically stronger.

I received my Spinning certification in late 2015, I chose this program because, it focuses on the safety of its riders and uses science based information; it’s not just a fad.  Most importantly, I saw how much the Spinning program had provided me, and hope to be able to show others what it can do for them.

I am thrilled to be a part of the SCS team. No matter what your intention to ride is, I hope to have the pleasure of riding with you and of course having some fun while doing it.

See you at the studio!




Mya is a well-rounded health and fitness professional who can tackle almost any aspect of physical fitness. She specializes in weight loss and diminishing body fat in order to get results quickly and effectively. Mya has a vast background in personal training, nutrition, supplementation, group fitness and program design. She has worked with clients of all age ranges, and abilities.

Mya dives into the latest health and fitness research by making each training session progressive and fun. After training for SCS and Union College, she expanded her education out in Utah where she was the fitness director of a successful weight loss program. By using the three main ingredients of exercise, nutrition, and support she has helped hundreds transform their bodies and reach their goals!

Certifications include:

ACE Personal Trainer
ACE Sports and Conditioning Coach
Spinning Star Level 3 Certified
Tabata Bootcamp Certified

TRX Trainer Certified
Booty Barre Instructor
Adult and Child First Aid, CPR, and AED

Andrea Leahy


I have been a lifelong athlete, and fitness has always been a part of my life.  I have been teaching fitness classes since 1990 and Spinning since 2008.  To me, Spinning is just about the perfect workout; it is custom fit to each rider, and since every day is a new day, each ride brings a whole new experience.

To me, it is a wonderful feeling to challenge myself to reach new limits and test my mental focus—all while listening to some great music, surrounded by fellow Spinning enthusiasts and positive encouragement. I’ve never had a bad ride!

I moved to the Saratoga area in the fall of 2014, and as I explored the city, I discovered the Saratoga Cycling Studio and found a wonderful studio full of Spinning devotees !  I am very excited to be a part of this dedicated team!