We Haven’t Met, But We Already Know You!

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November 14, 2016
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January 6, 2017

We Haven’t Met, But We Already Know You!

You haven’t stepped foot into our Spinning studio or personal training gym yet, but we already know a lot about you.  No, we haven’t hacked into your Facebook or Instagram account!

We know you because we have been you!

Maybe you fit into one of this categories:

  1. Out of shape, over weight, and feeling frustrated.  Hello!  That was our coach Angela back in 2005!
  2. Scared to try something new because of a previous injury from running, etc.  Hi, this is our coach Jerry back in 2008.
  3. You are active and ready to try something new.  Yep, this sounds like a TON of our clients.
  4. 2017 is here and you are ready to reach your goals!  Um, this is the entire population of the US, ha, ha!
  5. You are reading this blog because you have heard of us or Spinning and want to know what it is all about.  Nearly 5 years in business and over 2500 clients later, you are in the right place!

Welcome to the family!  Our coaches are not just Spinning junkies (well, we are kind of obsessed), but parents, fitness professionals, weight loss achievers, students, and most of all…were beginners at some point – JUST LIKE YOU!

Take a stroll around this website and click on our bio’s to find out more about all of the coaches and trainers.  We know it can be hard to try your first class at a new place, but we can guarantee you will leave feeling confident and maybe with a few new friends.

Remember, “It’s Your Ride”.